Act4Nature Portugal

act4nature Portugal is an initiative promoted by BCSD Portugal under the act4nature international, launched in France in 2018, with the aim of mobilizing companies to protect, promote and restore biodiversity.

The launch of this initiative in Portugal is part of the commitments made by BCSD Portugal, in 2019, when it joined the coalition Business for Nature, include the goal of involving companies in commitments that contribute to reversing the loss of biodiversity globally.


Any company, member or non-member of BCSD Portugal, of any size or sector of activity can join.

Com um total de 41 empresas signatárias desde o lançamento da iniciativa em 2020, esta nova vaga contou com a adesão de 15 empresas. São elas a 2BForest, Adega Mayor, Agrimota, Águas e Energia do Porto, Greenvolt, Grupo Casais, Grupo José Pedro Barreira, Grupo ProCME, Rovensa, Schneider Electric Portugal, SGS Portugal, SIMAS de Oeiras e Amadora, Sinvepart, Symington Family Estates e VAVA Eyewear.



4ª vaga de adesões aberta até 15 de maio

How to Join?

A 4ª vaga de adesão do act4nature Portugal decorrerá de 03 de abril a 15 de maio de 2023.

São elegíveis para aderir à iniciativa todas as empresas, membro ou não-membro do BCSD Portugal, independentemente da sua dimensão e volume de negócios, com sede e atividade em Portugal.

Para aderir, as empresas deverão submeter:


Consulte o guia de preenchimento do template de Compromissos individuais act4nature Portugal aqui»

A candidatura está sujeita ao pagamento de um fee de candidatura no ano de adesão e de um fee de signatário nos anos subsequentes, conforme disposto no Regulamento da iniciativa act4nature Portugal.

Questões deverão ser encaminhadas para: [email protected]

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Compromissos act4nature Portugal PT:

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This project comes in a context where several recent scientific studies warn that the planet is losing biodiversity at an unprecedented rate, rapidly approaching a point of no return. According to the Global Assessment conducted by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services(IPBES) on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, published in May 2019, humans are changing the Earth's ecosystems dramatically and at an unprecedented rate, with nearly 1 million animal and plant species at risk of extinction.

Companies can contribute to the development of new dynamics. Beyond their corporate social responsibility, it is in the interest of companies to innovate, since they depend on stable and resilient ecosystems, and new business opportunities can arise from choosing different approaches.

Aware of the role and action that is expected of companies, they are committed to integrating nature - environment, animals, plants, ecosystems, interactions and genetic heritage - in their strategies and business models, and to implementing measures that find solutions for the conservation of biological diversity, for its restoration, for the sustainable use of natural resources, and for a fair and equitable distribution of the benefits that result from this use.


It allows you to anticipate/respond to social demands:

  • 96% of people are already concerned about the loss of biodiversity (Eurobarometer, 2019);
  • The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services(IPBES) Global Assessment on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, released in May 2019, shows that humans are changing ecosystems dramatically and at an unprecedented rate;
  • The CBD COP15 (Conference of the Parties (COP 15) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) ) is expected to be a success, with a general mobilization to establish significant commitments in favor of nature, and it is in the interest of companies to be part of that success.

act4nature is an innovative initiative built by companies:

  • Originally launched in France by the association EpE - Entreprises pour l'Environnement, it already has several companies and partners involved, among them Engie, Lafarge Holcim, and L'Oreal;
  • The commitments are adaptable to all companies;
  • Scientifically sound and recognized by stakeholders

Long-term benefits:

  • Learning by doing: identifying and managing risks and opportunities;
  • Integrate action for biodiversity and against climate change;
  • Mobilize workers, and encourage a bottom-up approach;
  • Strengthen corporate legitimacy when it comes to biodiversity.

Business commitments

Joining act4nature requires the subscription of 10 commitments common to all companies and also of individual commitments, aligned with the activity they develop.

10 common commitments:

1. integrate biodiversity into our corporate strategy, basing our actions on available scientific knowledge;

2. Dialog with different stakeholders about their expectations and our impacts, actions and progress;

3. Assess biodiversity in the different dimensions related to our activity, using direct and indirect impact, risk and performance indicators. When relevant to decision-making, evaluate in economic terms our impacts and our dependence on well-functioning ecosystems;

4. Promote the progressive integration of biological diversity into decisions along our value chains, from the production of natural raw materials to the final stage of the life cycle of products after use by consumers;

5. As a priority, prevent, reduce and ultimately offset our impacts, aiming, on a case-by-case basis, for no net loss or even a net gain of biodiversity in our activities and geographical areas of influence, considering the needs of ecosystems to adapt to climate change;

6. Prioritize the development of Nature-Based Solutions, ensuring that they are implemented in a scientifically based and biodiversity-beneficial manner, and promoting the variety of such solutions;

7. Integrate biodiversity into our dialogue with policymakers in order to foster its progressive consideration in public policies. When invited to do so, contribute to the national biodiversity strategies of the countries where we operate;

8. Raise awareness and train our employees on biodiversity and its relationship with the activities they perform. Promote and encourage nature protection initiatives and give due recognition for their actions and practices in this field;

9. Mobilize resources and establish appropriate partnerships to support and monitor our actions on the ground;

10. To report publicly on the implementation of these commitments and our individual commitments presented.

Individual Commitments

The implementation of the 10 common act4nature Portugal commitments is ensured by each company through the implementation of a set of individual SMART commitments - Specific, Measurable, Additional, Realistic and Time-bound, defined in alignment with the activity they develop.

Learn more about theindividual objectives of the companies that adhere to the international act4nature.


act4nature Portugal is an initiative led by BCSD Portugal with the collaboration of a Steering Committee and an Advisory Board.

Steering Committee


Together with BCSD Portugal's Biodiversity Working Group, the Steering Committee is responsible for ensuring the implementation of act4nature in the light of the Portuguese reality by respecting the common commitments and the process developed by the act4nature International initiative.

After hearing the Advisory Board, it falls to the Steering Committee to make the final decision on the various challenges encountered in the general development of the initiative in Portugal, and to BCSD Portugal to accept the individual commitments made by the companies.


BCSD Portugal


  • ANA Airports
  • EDP
  • Jerónimo Martins
  • REN
  • The Navigator Company

Scientific Partner:

  • Center for Research in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources (CIBIO)

Advisory Board


The Advisory Board is a multistakeholder advisory body that brings together a diverse set of scientific partners, public and private entities and NGOs. As part of its functions, it advises and makes suggestions for improvement on the individual commitments made by companies to act4nature Portugal, from the perspective of preserving and promoting biodiversity and ecosystem services. However, the Advisory Board is not responsible for the individual commitments made by companies within act4nature Portugal, nor for their implementation.


Steering Committee Members

Business Associations:

  • Sílvia Machado, Senior Advisor, Environment & Climate at the Portuguese Business Confederation(CIP)

Government/Public Administration:

  • Marisa Silva, Assistant to the Minister of the Environment and
    Climate Action(MAAC)
  • Nuno Banza, President of the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests(ICNF)

Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations (ENGA):

  • Domingos Leitão, Executive Director of the Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds(SPEA)
  • Ângela Morgado, Executive Director, Associação Natureza Portugal(WWF Portugal)

Scientific Partners:

  • Cristina Máguas, Coordinator of the Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon(CE3C/FCUL)
  • Rui Ferreira dos Santos, Director of the Centre for Environmental and Sustainability Research at the Faculty of Science and Technology/New University of Lisbon(CENSE - FCT/UNL)
  • José Lima Santos, Researcher at the Center for Forestry Studies of the Instituto Superior de Agronomia(CEF/ISA)
  • Pedro Beja, Deputy Director of the Research Center for Biodiversity and Genetic Resources(CIBIO)
  • Isabel Sousa Pinto, Senior Researcher at the Interdisciplinary Center for Marine and Environmental Research of the University of Porto(CIIMAR/University of Porto)
  • Tiago Domingos, Coordinator of the Environmental Science and Engineering Platform of the Instituto Superior Técnico(MARETEC/IST)
  • Teresa Pinto Correia, Director of the Mediterranean Institute for Agriculture, Environment and Development of the University of Évora(MED/UÉvora)

Private Entity

  • Mafalda Evangelista, Director of Natural Capital and Strategy, NBI


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