BCSD Portugal

Being a member of BCSD Portugal is an opportunity to anticipate the future and position your company at the forefront of the development of sustainable solutions, in order to respond to the challenges of society. In short, it is to contribute to building a more balanced, fair, innovative and competitive future, capable of generating work and social well-being.

How do we operate?

We organize our activity around three target groups: B2B (companies), B2G (public entities) and B2S (society in general), with the activity with companies being our priority and main focus, in particular the associated companies.

What do we offer our members?

Unique advantages:

  • Be part of a business association focused on sustainability and with +150 members representing +10% of national GDP
    • Networking with the companies and stakeholders leading sustainable development in Portugal;
    • Development of a joint membership plan tailored to the company's interests and challenges;
    • Visibility on BCSD Portugal communication platforms
  • Participation in the creation of innovative solutions, mechanisms and tools that aim to address business challenges in the transition to sustainability.
    • Participation in one or more of the 6 thematic working groups, formed by companies of different sizes and sectors that collaborate with each other, creating innovative solutions, mechanisms and tools to respond to business challenges in the transition to sustainability;
    • Participation in various initiatives and projects.
  • Access to sustainability training with exclusive special conditions
    • Offer of Discover Sustainability training session - Level 1 (2h) for the whole team (up to 100 people) upon entry;
    • Discount on courses in the annual training program;
    • Permanent access to the Discover asynchronous course (Level 1) - to be implemented in 2023;
    • Design of tailor-made training actions.
  • Access to sustainability content and regular updates on ESG trends and requirements
    • First-hand access to the Sustainability Agenda newsletter (ESG theme);
    • Access exclusive to the latest information on national and international legislation ( Sustainability Guidelines newsletter) and on financing instruments ( Financing Sustainability newsletter);
    • Access to first-hand documents, reports and publications;
    • Exclusive access for members to information on project developments and solutions of the working group themes.
  • Access to themed and exclusive events
    • Events and face-to-face and online sessions throughout the year on the emerging themes;
    • Access to members-only sessions;
    • Access to exclusive member events: Delegates' Meeting and the BCSD Portugal Presidents' Dinner;
    • Free admission for members to the Annual Conference (2023);
    • Possibility of sponsoring events;
    • Possibility of showcasing the company's good practices at events.
  • Access to tools and methodologies to support the definition of sustainability strategies
    • Journey 2030 tool;
    • Materiality Guide, Sustainable Finance Guide, Sustainable Cities Guide, etc.
  • Influencing public policy and promoting joint goals
    • Participation in public consultations;
    • Participation in projects at national level;
    • Building and subscribing to thematic manifestos.
  • Project design in partnership with companies
    • Making joint applications for public or private, national or European funding.
  • Access to content from the largest international business network working on sustainability through the Global Network of the WBCSDof which BCSD Portugal is a member

At the time of entry:

  • Free training session offered Discover Sustainability (2h) for the whole team (up to 100 people)
  • Development of a joint membership plan tailored to the company's interests and challenges

Customized benefits for your company:

  • Design of tailor-made training actions
  • Designing projects in partnership
  • Making joint applications for public or private, national or European funding to finance projects to be developed in partnership.

What do we expect from our members?

Membership conditions

Legal persons of a business nature may join BCSD Portugal.

*A adesão ao BCSD Portugal implica um valor de quota anual, baseado na dimensão das empresas (volume de negócios do ano anterior). A inscrições feitas no segundo semestre do ano civil, aplicar-se-á uma redução de 50% no valor da quota do ano corrente.

Small Businesses

Annual fee


VN do último ano*
< 2 milhões de euros

Medium Enterprises

Annual fee


VN do último ano*
< 50 milhões de euros

Large Enterprises

Annual fee


Last year's NPV*
>= EUR 50 million

Large Enterprises

Annual fee


Last year's NPV*
> EUR 500 million

Accession Steps

Stage 1

Comece por navegar no nosso site, bem como os nossos Estatutos e as Condições de Adesão e, se não tiver dúvidas, preencha a ficha de adesão, submetendo-a abaixo, de seguida.

Stage 2

Once we receive the company's proposal to join BCSD Portugal, the Board will be quick to analyze and respond - in a maximum of 7 days we will give feedback. feedback.

Stage 3

After joining, the first step will be to schedule a kick-off meeting to outline a membership plan and schedule a Discover Sustainability session. Discover Sustainability.