Charter of Principles and Journey 2030

The BCSD Portugal Charter of Principles (Charter), published in 2017, is the document that brings Portuguese companies together around common sustainable development commitments for Portugal.

The Charter sets out the principles that constitute the guidelines for good corporate governance and aims to create a voluntary benchmark adapted to companies of various sizes and sectors. Its objective is to strengthen sustainable management practices based on six principles: Legal Compliance & Ethical Conduct; Human Rights; Labor Rights; Prevention, Health and Safety; Environment; and Management.

BCSD Portugal intends, with this initiative, to encourage good management practices and sustainability principles among all companies and their value chains. The Charter is open to all companies that share the ambition of a sustainable future.

Neste momento, está a decorrer uma vaga de inscrição que termina a 14 de junho de 2024.

Journey 2030

The Charter of Principles is implemented by Jornada 2030 - the joint business agenda for sustainability in Portugal that aims to support companies to turn sustainability into concrete actions. By signing up to the Charter, companies commit to the realization of Jornada 2030.

The 2030 Journey, launched in 2021, consists of 20 goals, 20 targets and 20 cross-cutting environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) indicators, demonstrating the contribution of companies to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is developed over 5 stages - Know, Build, Communicate, Consolidate and Collide.


Journey 2030 tool

BCSD Portugal, in partnership with C-MORE, has developed a tool to support the sustainability journey of the signatory entities of the Charter of Principles - the Journey 2030 tool - which allows each company:

  • Self-diagnose your sustainability maturity level, in line with the steps of the Journey 2030.
  • Monitor its performance on the Journey 2030 environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) indicators.
  • Consult a matrix of priorities and an action plan mapped specifically for the company, taking into account its sector of activity and materiality, as well as toolkits to support the implementation of actions.
  • Export a report (PDF) with the data entered by the company.
  • Access a library of varied content that supports the implementation of sustainability in the business model and value chain of companies.


This full version of the Journey 2030 tool is exclusive to signatories of the Charter of Principles. However, we offer an open version of the tool that allows companies to self-diagnose their sustainability maturity by answering a short questionnaire, as well as accessing the library of supporting content. Access the open version of the tool on the button below.






Maturity of companies in sustainability - Aggregate portrait 2022

As part of the Jornada 2030, an online questionnaire (available on the Jornada 2030 platform) was developed to determine the maturity of companies in terms of sustainability. This questionnaire aims to provide a holistic view of the current sustainability management practices implemented by companies, as well as to align the level of maturity of companies with the 5 steps of the Jornada 2030.

Between June and October 2022, 67 companies (30 large companies, 31 SMEs and 6 micro-enterprises) that are signatories of the Charter of Principles responded to the questionnaire. The analysis of these responses resulted in a detailed report and an infographic that systematizes the main results obtained.

How to Subscribe

Neste momento, está a decorrer uma vaga de inscrição que termina a 14 de junho.

Joining the Charter is free of charge and is formalized by the company sending the following documents to the email [email protected] or through the contact form:

  • Subscription Statement duly completed and signed by the company's management, along with information about the officer appointed to represent the company in the Charter proceedings (name, position, email address, and cell phone number);
  • Company logo.


After receiving the Declaration of Subscription and the information indicated above, BCSD Portugal sends the company the following elements:

  • Charter Signatory Company Diploma;
  • Seal of the Charter of Principles of BCSD Portugal, which the company can use on its website and other communication supports;
  • Template for the invitation to subscribe to the Letter to be addressed by the Company to its suppliers and other partners;
  • Press release template for dissemination of the news by the company, internally and externally.


After this process, BCSD Portugal will include the name of the company in the list of companies subscribing to the Charter of Principles.


What companies can subscribe to the Charter?

The subscription to the Charter of Principles is voluntary and free of charge. Any company (member or non-member of BCSD Portugal) can subscribe to the Charter

The Charter has been designed to be compatible with any sector or scale of activity. Any company, regardless of its sector of activity and size, can subscribe to the Charter.

The Charter is especially appropriate for companies that may allocate resources and management responsibilities to sustainability issues (environmental, social and governance)

What is the relationship between the Charter and the SDGs and other benchmarks?

The Charter covers all UN goals applicable to companies. Subscribing to the Charter means that a company declares its commitment to the SDGs and to the UN Global Compact.

The Card is compatible with:

  • the subscription of other sustainability benchmarks, namely those developed at the sectorial scale or at the individual scale of the company and its business;
  • ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certifications and reporting methodologies such as GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) or SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board);
  • the objectives of the European Union and Portugal within the scope of sustainability issues (environmental, social and governance).
What are the obligations of subscribing to the Charter of Principles?

The subscribing companies commit to:

  • comply with the Principles established in the Charter;
  • appoint the person responsible for implementing the Charter in the company;
  • establish sustainability goals and targets in line with the United Nations' objectives and those of the European Union and Portugal;
  • report publicly, on an annual basis, on its performance against the Charter Principles;
  • act on behalf of the Charter by publicizing its status as a Charter signatory (e.g. by using the Charter logo in its media) and encouraging other companies to sign up, in particular within its sphere of influence (e.g. with its suppliers).
What rights do companies subscribing to the Charter have?
  • Make reference to the Charter in its means of communication, namely on the website and in reports, mentioning its status as a signatory company and using the Charter logo.
  • Use the Charter as a demonstration that the company has a code of conduct that applies to its activities, including its suppliers.
  • Use the Charter as a demonstration of the company's commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and to the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact.
  • Participate in the processes of updating the text and developing the guiding documents relating to the implementation of the Charter.
  • To have specialized training in the implementation of sustainability objectives by their companies, through BCSD Portugal's training offer.
  • Have access to an analysis of your sustainability implementation strategy and a map of development opportunities, through BCSD Portugal.
  • Integrate the initiatives of the network of companies that subscribe to the Charter.
How do companies implement the Charter?

Subscribing companies can implement the Charter following a roadmap and continuous improvement approach, with the following steps:

  1. Assign responsibilities and perform a diagnosis of its performance against the principles of the Charter, identifying the company's material issues;
  2. Define and establish sustainability goals and targets, having 2030 as a horizon, in order to meet the Charter Principles, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the objectives of the European Union and Portugal;
  3. Define action plans in order to achieve the established objectives and goals;
  4. Publicly report its performance and annual progress against objectives and targets;
  5. Taking stock, reviewing and adapting action plans, aiming for improved performance.


To support companies in this roadmap, the Jornada 2030 - The common agenda of companies for sustainability in Portugal was developed. Jornada 2030 is the instrument that operationalizes the Charter and is composed of 20 objectives, 20 goals and 20 transversal indicators of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) scope, demonstrating the companies' contribution to the SDGs. It is developed through 5 stages - Know, Build, Communicate, Consolidate and Collide.

To subscribe to the Charter is also to subscribe to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Target 12.6 of SDG 12 - Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns, encourages companies, especially large and multinational ones, to adopt sustainable practices and publish a sustainability report (learn more here).

Companies subscribing to the Charter

More than 180 companies already subscribe to the Charter: